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Dental Team in St. John’s, East London

Dr Will Holmes

Principal Dentist (Dental Beauty Partner)

GDC Number: 271590


Will graduated from King’s College London with two First Class degrees, after gaining multiple awards for his clinical and academic work. Since graduating, Will continues to further his postgraduate education, recently completing a postgraduate diploma in Primary Care Dentistry, with distinction. He has also completed a one-year course in ‘Advanced Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry’, training with renowned international dentist Chris Orr, and receiving certification in Digital Smile Design.

Practice Manager

Irene East

Practice Manager

GDC Number: 129610


Dr Henry Leung


GDC Number: 58573

Dr Alan Staniforth


GDC Number: 63465

Dr Catherine Tan


GDC Number: 177526

Dr Divya Datta


GDC Number: 85532

Dr Hilary Cheng


GDC Number: 272107

Dr Mayuri Mehta


GDC Number: 271801

Dr Anita Shukla


GDC Number: 856648

Dental Therapist & Hygienists

Sarah Redwood

Dental Therapist

GDC Number: 11002

Ishita Asawa

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 304520

Denise Watts

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 3871

Jacqueline McLeod Falade

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 6264

Dental Nurses

Gintile Peteryte

Head Nurse/Receptionist

GDC Number: 259722

Nicola Gilder

Decontamination Lead

GDC Number: 127989

Sarah Meek


GDC Number: 217680

Cristina Baciu


GDC Number: 270378

Roxana Iftene


GDC Number: 294362

Rebecca Rutland


GDC Number: 143093

Ineta Kondrackyte

Trainee Dental Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Maryum Qasim

Trainee Dental Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Tayla Richards

Trainee Dental Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Laura Popescu


GDC Number: 306472

Ramona Ciocan

Trainee Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Sonia Buruiana

Trainee Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Jeta Ternava

Trainee Nurse

GDC Number: N/A


Karen Miles

Senior Receptionist

GDC Number: 142282

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