Young people and dental implants

Tooth loss can happen to anyone at any age, it can be particularly difficult for young adults due to how it can impact the way they look and their image; they may be embarrassed or self conscious about missing teeth and it may affect their self esteem. Dental implants in East London could help young people feel confident again about their teeth and ensure that they don’t have to endure the complications that can arise from missing teeth. According to Colgate oral health centre, 69 percent of adults aged 35-44 have at least one or more missing teeth, this is a fairly high percentage and could indicate that in addition, a relatively high percentage of under 35’s could also have missing teeth. At Dental Beauty St. John’s we realise that young people could greatly benefit from dental implants in East London as they can lose teeth for a number of reasons, such as: tooth decay, gum disease, or a tooth could have been knocked out during sporting activities. Some young people also suffer from gastrointestinal reflux says Colgate Oral Health centre, this causes acid from the stomach to come up into the mouth and can erode the teeth. Dental implants East London could be the answer.

dental-implants-North-LondonNervous dental patients

Dental Beauty St. John’s are aware that some young people are afraid of visiting the dentist; around 10 percent of the population are anxious about this so they have options for these patients to help them to feel relaxed and stress free. Young people should not let the fear of dentists get in the way of receiving dental implants in north London, the practice offers hypnosis, sedation and entertainment to its patients to help them to keep calm during treatments, there really is no need for oral care to be a traumatic experience. East London dental implants are made out of titanium screws which are fixed in to the jaw, they are extremely hard wearing and if looked after correctly could last a lifetime. Finally, young people should consider East London dental implants as once the process in complete, they look just like a normal tooth. Your friends would never suspect that you have an implant as it would look totally natural and blend in perfectly with your teeth!

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